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Undercover Feminist - Kelly's New Blog

Check out my new blog Undercover Feminist! I realized that there was an undercurrent of sexism present at work... no one person or attitude seemed to be the culprit. I've decided to learn more about feminism to help me better combat sexism without damaging my reputation. Go undercover (or not) and join me on my journey!


Thanks to having the day off I was able to met Jeremiah for lunch at the Gliderport. Such a beautiful day for it! AND I had just received the collapsible hula hoop I ordered in the mail yesterday, so I gave it a test run. :)

way up there!

ut oh

The cafe window nom, noms

some guy assembling his hang glider

Computer Engineer Barbie = Awesome!

Computer Engineer BarbieEven though I’m not really a fan of Barbie or hot pink I still love Barbie’s new career.  I’m not really worried girls like me won’t become engineers.  I’m worried about the girls who are chasing cool, think that boys won’t like them if they can outsmart them, or any number of limiting beliefs.  Maybe computer engineer Barbie will reach some of these girls with her hip hot pink laptop or trendy bits t-shirt.

We need more engineers in the US, especially women!  That is why there has been such a focus on improve education in science, technology, engineering and math, aka STEM fields.  Title IX isn’t really about sports, FYI.  Thats why SWE (Society of Women Engineers) has moved into the public policy arena and has rapidly established their place as the STEM gender equity power broker at the federal level.

Check out the article in the New York Times’ Technology Blog: Barbie’s Next Career? Computer Engineer.

New Job, yay!

I started last Monday with my new job.  I made a lateral move into the BAMS program.  I’m super excited because I’m working on Avionics… actual engineering!  My previous job wasn’t very technical and lacked the kind of challenge I was looking for.  I’ve got a lot on my plate now… it will be a major change of pace to manage it all

My Quest to Receive Less Mail

A few months back I determined that I get entirely too much mail.  It takes time to filter through and it clutters up my place.  Boo!

I started by getting rid of the catalogs with  Good, but since I believe in giving to charity (I suppose this replaces tithing for me) I’ve ended up on a lot of charity mailing lists.  At one point I was averaging a sheet of new return address labels a week.  Ridiculous!  I started sending each organization an email requesting to be removed from their list.  This worked fabulously and now I’m glad to be nearly mail free!  This method also works for obscure catalogs that aren’t on catalog choice.  Just find the customer service email on their website and drop a short please remove me email with your mailing address.  Done.

Now that we receive dramatically less unwanted mail it is no longer worth it to deal with it immediately.  So, I added a labels to our mail sorter to let stuff accumulate until there are enough to remove them all at once.   Now we have each person’s name, remove, and ads.  The ads space holds the weekly circulars and coupons until we need them for deciding on what to get on the next grocery run.  This works out much better than the coffee table ;)

My New Haircut

Letting it dry…

Straight from the salon:


Steve and Danielle’s Wedding

Wedding two out of three this month, crazy right?  First my cousin, then my boyfriend’s brother, and finally friends from school.

It is interesting how each wedding reflects something about the values of the bride and groom.  They weren’t concerned about the specifics of the ceremony.  The exact location was something of a surprise, it was the first in person meeting with the preacher, and they weren’t exactly sure how many people were planning to come.

The day before the wedding there was much discussion about what time the wedding would be.  Three?  Five?  Hummm, maybe we should touch base with the preacher, haven’t spoken with him since February.  The morning of the wedding we meet the preacher in front of an abandoned building so we can caravan up to the location.  Mile 53 around Lake Tahoe.  Stunning spot overlooking Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe.  (This is my first destination wedding experience.)  The preacher gave a wonderful ceremony, the photographer took many a picture, etc.  Despite the liaise fair attitude of the bride and groom the wedding went off without a hitch!  I’ve never experienced a less bridezilla bride!

I want a Universal Device Charger!

GreenPlug Universal Adapter An amazing concept that this company seems to have the wherewithall to actually put in place.  As of May 09 the company announced that it has convinced 17 phone companies to add Green Plug compatibility to their devices by 2012.  This is a key step because your phone, mp3 player, etc has to talk to the charger to ensure the right voltage and current.


Here I am drunk after my cousin’s “country wedding” reflecting on the meaning of life and the value of spending big bucks on a wedding. Surprisingly I had just as much fun at this cousin’s wedding as I did at her sister’s wedding nine months ago (it was held at a winery and cost a fortune!). There were many similarities between the weddings… both had short wedding ceremonies, both had amazing food at the reception, and both featured massive numbers of friends and family (our family doesn’t have reunions… we have weddings and graduations). There were a few differences, the first wedding was much more expensive and shazanny and the ceremony was much more religious at the second wedding. Either way the fun the guests had was pretty much the same despite the price difference. At least from my personal experience and from what I could see around me…

Rock Climbing and Hula Hooping

Pictures and a Note from the Teacher I Supported on

How awesome is this! The teacher can send you pics of the project you supported. I donated money at least 6mo. ago and I had completly forgotten about this.

The note and pictures on

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